Friday, May 1, 2009

HAPPY May Day everyone!

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Believe it or not, I lived 27 years without knowing of the Mayday tradition of buying flowers and knocking on a neighbors door, leaving them flowers, and run and hide for them to get there wonderful unexpected Mayday flowers! I learned of this when a co-worker of mine asked me to create some Mayday flowers to mail to some relatives for her. I was excited to be a part of this special day! She could not afford to mail 5 baskets of flowers, so I created the next best thing. Homemade paper flower-basket cards from the Brent-Wade card line. Brent-Wade is named after the creators late Fathers. My Dad Brent passed at age 37 when I was 16 from a heart aneurysm. My business partner and friend Wynter from RootWater lost her Dad, Nelson Wade to a car accident on his way to his postal route in 2000. We know they would be proud of our business so we named it after them.

These cards are "post-card" Style, just one sided.

See more Brent-Wade Cards at
Mtart and Rootwater
We LOVE custom requests too, so don't be shy!


  1. I already said this... but those are fantastic! Just the right amount of simplicity (line drawing) to really showcase what MayDay is all about :D