Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Associate by Michael Nelsen and Jason Danzeisen

The Associate is a comic book (in the works) created by my brother (in-law) Micheal and his friend Jason. One of the characters is named after Mike and Kelly's uncle who recently passed away from cancer. It is in a comic book idol competition and has made it to round three where only three comics will make it to round 4. The three judges gave them solid YES's, but they were down by votes in comparison to others in round 2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a moment to vote for them. They could have this comic PUBLISHED!

Not only do they need daily (not hourly) but just once a day votes, they need new voters to move on, so ask everyone you know to participate and vote for "The Associate"! I mean come on you forward those jokes and cutesy stories and this could really benefit some real people's lives, including MY nephew! :D All you do is sign up at the link below. (you won't get spammed, I promise) it is no scarier that getting an e-mail account.

Make sure you are signed in and Then click the word "idol" in the left menu. Then on the right side of "The Associate" click where it says: Click To Voting Poll/Comment thread.
Then vote where it says you are a fan. Simple as that, do that one day til June 7th.

Note:The formatting of these comic panel is not the actual format I had to chop it up to be able to put in on my blog.

I've included an interesting writing from Michael about the backstory below:[I thought I'd give our fans and readers a little backstory info on the abandoned hospital seen in this portion of our story. The building in question is an actual historical site that is still standing.:The Fergus Falls state hospital for the insane in Fergus Falls, MN. We actually chose this particular abandoned asylum solely for the fact that it is in our homebase state of Minnesota. But as went about doing research for the story we became aware that the building at Fergus Falls is from a group of hospitals built around the turn of the century (roughly) that are all based on a similar design scheme and architectural layout.
From the internet "All across the United States stand great buildings erected in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as hospitals (or asylums) for the mentally ill. There used to be more; many have fallen under the wrecking ball. Few of those that remain are still in use; the rest are abandoned, falling prey to the elements and lack of upkeep. The thing that these imposing, eerie, typically Gothic-style buildings have in common is that they were all designed after the plan of pioneering psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride."
So we discovered that were MANY such hospitals scattered across the country. We've been able to include this bit of real life into our narrative in a very serendipitous turn of events. It's these sort of happy accidents and lucky connections that spring up during our creative process that never ceases to amaze me!
Fun stuff! More to come!

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