Friday, May 8, 2009


20% of May proceeds will go to "AUSTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA"

"Two pads in a pond" 
Photographed by Mike, edited by Meredith,  
This is an 8x8 and is listed at Stormtrooper1
You've heard "two peas in a pod" well this is "two pads in a pond" just as cute! What does this photo mean to you? It could represent two people in love sharing the same space, snuggling up, or how you are trying to live "green" or maybe you just like green, perhaps you grew up near a pond and it reminds you of 'home', either way it needs a home.

"Slid'n Flute" 
Photographed and edited by Meredith,
 This is a 8x10 and is listed at MT art
If we were an ant, this is what a flute slide would look like, though I think we'd have to hop down it or it would be one lumpy ride. I'm just being a dork here, but I like this composition, shadows and general feel of this photo.

"We can say that the FLUTE of God is actually that great sound current which soul rides upon in its journey to Its true home."- Paul Twitchell quotes

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