Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just like my Birthday!

"The Flute Rocks" by Mt art
I just logged into our Stormtrooper1 Etsy site and it said "You need to leave feedback for 2 items" which made me feel like it was my birthday because it means I made another SALE today!!! I sold one item yesterday and I was just as excited. :)

This photo was taken as a custom request series with flute and butterflies as the theme. It went out and shot two seperate days, one day was by my work in downtown minneapolis. The other was at the como zoo butterfly garden. We made it a family day and Mike and Maya came with and we had fun following butterfiles around inside the tent. I had fun photographing a flute since it is an instrument that is often ignored. The lady is was created for ended up needing the money for a family emergency and never bought any prints, so today's purchase was special to me. :)
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The person that purchased the "The Flute Rocks" 8x10 print is giving it as a gift. She said, "Great picture! It will make a wonderful gift to a graduating flute student!"

In addition todays and yesterday's print purchases are helping autism research!!! Check the right column of my blog right below the followers (are you a follower yet?) to keep track of how much has been raised through the month. You can add to the amount raised by purchasing anything from either Mtart or Stormtrooper1 shops. 20% in May is being donated to :D


  1. She actually got back with you about why she didn't purchase? I never heard a word!

  2. Yeah, she said she had a death in the family, but she WOULD buy a print. It never happened though...