Sunday, May 31, 2009

HandmadeMN May Challenge:Beach

The theme this month was "Beach." I debated over what to do, should I paint, drawn or photograph? I painted last month and failed, so this month I decided upon photography! I sorted through many photographs to find the perfect one in which to me says, "beach!" The winning piece was taken by the other half of MTart, my husband Mike and it was the chosen one because to me a beach is a family place.  It is where people spend time together swimming, laying in the sun or even taking a walk down the pier. It is a place that is warm and inviting.  Sometimes it is too warm and beach goers bring umbrellas to shade the sun, sunblock to block the sun as well as beach toys and your own children who are just a little too big for your already filled arms to  hold so they slide down and cling onto your leg as your waddle down to the water.

"The Beach" by Mike Tvrdik

Watch for "The Beach" this week to vote during the challenge at the HandemadeMN BLOG.

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