Sunday, May 31, 2009

Johnathan Cassian Vernon Turns ONE!

My little nephew is one years old, I can hardly believe it! I offered to take photos of his birthday bash since photographing children is my passion and I know how hard or should I say nearly impossible it is to capture that day when trying to host the party. It was almost a disaster, our camera battery was pretty much dead and our charger was no where to be found! I was very very bummed and told Kelly I would use her camera. We had headed up early to help with the decorating of the glorious 'mix 'n' match robot cupcakes! Three cupcakes makes one robot and they were fun! Prior to the party I experiemented with Kelly's point and shoot digital camera and was having a tough time getting a non washed out, not to dark, and/or focused photo. Starting to get very discouraged I decided to run to the camera shop in town and see if they had a charger; bite the bullet and buy one. They did have one and I charged it up enough to take photos, charged it more during the eating and then took more photos. I do not regret buying one, though I like to know where the original one walked off to!  Johnathan had a great day! He had many friends and family members come to see him walking already and celebrate his special day. He enjoyed his cupcake and received wonderful gifts! Here are a few of my favorite moments of the day.

He's saying, "YAY, I'm ONE!"

We had fajita, tacos, and delicious sides.

The fun bags for the kiddos.


Johnathan with his Daddy

His Mommy and her Robot head.

Gift openening lurkers                            

3 generations

Johnathan and his Great-Grandma


Maya and Annabelle, silly girls!


Maya and her Daddy

WOW, balloons!

Maya and Johnathan; Cousins

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