Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Quad-Dino-Chaos" by Mtart

I am part of a group called HandmadeMn made up of artists with many different talents. Each month we have a challenge with little to no rules. (My sort of challenge!) April's had to be relating to "Animals." All submissions will be posted on the HandmadeMN BLOG and voted on by the public starting in May. Be sure to check it out and Vote! You don't even have to vote for mine if you like another better, I won't mind. A little ego knocking is good for an artist once and awhile. ;) Of course ego boosting is ALWAYS welcome. The choice is yours!

I haven't decided if this piece will be listed on my MTart etsy shop or not yet, but I call it "Quad-Dino-Chaos." This Mixed media piece is 15.5 inches tall by 24 inches wide. The materials used are cardboard, tissue paper, gesso, acrylic paint, chalk,recycled caps from pop bottles, milk jugs and a toothpaste tube, paperclips, staples, electrical tape, glue, yarn, nails and wire.

(For an UP-CLOSE & PERSONAL look, click the photos and you'll see a lot more detail,
but go "BACK" not "X" or you will close the entire blog window)
I initially thought to create a piece with fun furry animals, but then the more I thought about animals the more historical animals came to mind; dinosaurs! I though dinosaurs would be fun since this was a piece for me to experiment with, to push myself to try new things, to go beyond where I had been before. I liked the idea of using one of the OLDEST animals known to man to try something NEW to me.

This piece has a lot of depth to it that is difficult to capture via a photograph, but hopefully these few shots do some justice as to what it looks like in "real" life.
Believe it or not, it is called "QUAD-dino..." because it there are in fact FOUR long-neck dinosaurs in this composition. Look hard and you may find the 4th one. hehehe. It is easiest to see in the photo below or by clicking the 1st photo. (hint: it is created from wire and nails)

Don't forget to go to check the handmadeMN blog in May and VOTE for your favorite April animal piece, I'm anxious to see my tough competition. We are a talented Minnesota bunch!

PS. I enjoy comments on my blog!!! (as long as it's clean and not to harsh)

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