Saturday, March 21, 2009

TIRED, safe arrival

We are in California, safe and sound! Maya was amazingly good! We left late evening Thursday night, so Maya slept most of the night. Then she like cow watching and chillin in the backseat with Grandma. She did a lot of napping. We mostly just stopped for gas and potty breaks and let her run and walk a couple times. After 5 hours left of the drive, 22 hours in, Maya says, "maya has belly ache, owie owie owie." She got fussy then and there was nothing we could do. Grandma rubbed her belly and she finaly crashed for the remaining two hours. We discovered this morning by the leakage of her diaper that she was holding her pee in her seat and that is why she had an ache. I did not know kids did that since she is not potty trained. It broke our hearts to not be able to help her. Her ears were bothing a little from the altitude as well. We are very proud of her, its hard enough for us to sit that long. Currently she is happy playing with her 2 year old cousin, Haylee.

It seemed like we were in Colorado forever, and a hybrid doesn't love the mountains.

We saw 18 deer at one time!

My Mom and Maya snoozin' in the Prius.

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  1. Awwww, what sweet gals you have there in the back seat...

    Glad you got there safe and sound. Enjoy your time there in sunny CA!!