Sunday, March 15, 2009

FIFTY Years with the same person. WOW!

Less than 5 days from now, Mike, Maya and myself will be driving out to sunny California for my Grandparents golden anniversay:50 years! Having only been married 6 years myself it is hard to image fifty years. The thought is encouraging, scary, and exciting all at the same time. The idea of driving a total of 4,000 miles with a 2 1/2 year old is frightening, but have some tricks up our sleeves to keep Maya entertained! In more amazing news, this trip is being paid for by a relative and we are very blessed for that or we would not be able to share this special day!

My grandma is a card lady. She's sent me a card for every occasion for as long as I can remember! Regretfully, I do not send them to her often. I wanted to make a unique card for this occasion, especially since myself and a personal friend and co-etsian Wynter have started selling cards from homemade paper under the name Brent-Wade. Brent is my Dad and my Grandparents first born son who passed away at age 37 in the end of 1997. They will be honored that his name is on the card. Wade is the middle name of Wynter's Dad who passed away in late summer 2000. We hope the cards will start selling better, as well as receive custom requests for cards.

I've been sort of on a button kick lately, I just love those little things, they are just so cute. Hence, "cute as a button." LOL! I came up with an interesting yet semi chaotic design that serves a purpose. I will post what I wrote in the card below and it will explain that very thing!

(note: if you know Grandma & Grandpa and are reading this, PLEASE do not speak a word of it)

[Grandma,you always say you dislike how over the past 50 years we have become a digital world. I have created this card with that in mind. The colored paper is handmade from Wynter and has uneven thickness, the white paper is left over from another project. It is hand-sewn and hand written. The design and colors of this card do not flow as well as they could, and are far from "perfect."

This card represents 50 years of marriage. There were imperfections throughout the years, unevenness, ups and down, colorful bright moments and dull moments. All of which we wouldn't be celebrating today if there wasn't some time and handy efforts put into it to make it strong. You have both 'sewn' your buttons together moment after moment, and even if one got loose or popped of, they are tied together making the marriage as a whole strong. Each button on the number five represents all the people you have accepted as your children. It started with just six, through marriage,divorce and death that number has changed over time and is quite impressive! The number zero represents all the Grandchildren, and the orange button at the top is your Great-granddaughter!

We are so happy to be a part of this special day celebrating life; your lives, our lives, years of love, tears, friendships, family and perseverance! You are an inspiration for our own marriage!

God bless both of you in the time spent together from today forward!

Happy 50th! Grandma and Grandpa!

Love always,
Meredith, Mike and Maya

ps. My Dad; your first born, I know in Heaven is very proud of these 50 years!"]

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