Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spreading the Love

I've always found it to be wonderful thing when you can "teach an old dog new tricks." That saying sounds a little harsh; however, it is quite sincere! I have a co-worker in my "day job" that is very talented. She loves to sew and make crafts and sells them here at work quite often. I introduced her to Etsy months ago, but she was afraid of it since she didn't even have a digital camera and has dial-up internet. Awhile later, her son bought her a digital camera! She has been trying very hard this past week with assistance to learn how to move her photos to the computer and how to attach files and list them into ETSY! She has 7 items up thus far!!! I am very proud of her, it is a lot to learn. She will be a pro in no time. Her name is Carol and she is a kind hearted christian Mother and Grandmother. She sews the most adorable apron and bonnet (like the kind in Little house on the prairie) sets, little girls nightgowns with MATCHING ones for the dolly's, and American doll clothes. The American doll clothes fit other dolls around 8 inches tall.

Carol also will accept custom request for only $3 more, WHAT A BARGAIN! Her prices are really reasonable too, please check out her Etsy shop

GrandmaHansen! I've attached some samples of her work below. ENJOY :)

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  1. A big Hurray for Grandma Hansen. The aprons and bonnets are beautiful sets, beautifully sewn. Love the clown outfit too. Keep a clicking and best wishes on Etsy.