Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My pride, joy, and humor!

I can not have a blog whether it be professional, personal or otherwise, without posting Maya. She's my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She is such a huge part of my life, my happiness, inspiration, and laughter!

Last night after Mike had put her to bed I heard her door knob turning like she was getting up. I waited a bit and she never came out of her room. I went to check on her and imagine finding her sitting on the floor by her book shelf "reading" her books. I opened her door and she was by her bookshelf, but to my surprise this is what I saw:

After taking this photo, I scooped her up and set her back in her bed for the night. :)

*Continuing on to other adorable, funny or just some favorite Maya photos:

She absolutely LOVES her Maya pillow created by an Etsy artist pillowhead!

Post bath wrapped up in her personalized towel crossstitched by Carol from GrandmaHansen
She was SO proud of dressing herself, even if her shirt was backwards!

How I feel on monday morning...

Just because I could kiss those feet no matter how dirty everyday of my life!

The photo above was also dear to me because Maya's feet are actually propped up between Mike's leg and arm are they are sleeping perpendicular to each other.


  1. I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner...I misread your email :(

    She's so adorable I could eat her up! Maybe I shouldn't put that on a public blog? She is a joy, though!

    That Monday morning photo is SO so true!

  2. :D Thanks, I think she is that adorable too, but I am too biased!

  3. I love the bedhead picture! Maya is such a beautiful little girl. Her eyes just light up.