Saturday, March 14, 2009

Patience didn't pay off

Before I get into the post in which the title relates, I would like to say WELCOME to Mtartists! The obvious hope is to gain fans, friends thus more sales! The less obvious goal to have all of you gain insight into Mike and my minds. Read about our inspirations, projects, frustrations and excitement! We hope you enjoy, becoming a fan and suscribe to our blog!

Back to the title:Patience didn't pay off

Towards the end of February I decided to see what the hype of Mpix was all about an order a print for a client via Mpix website. I thought to myself, 'if I'm going to test out this company's printing quality and shipping time, I'm going BIG with it." I chose to print a 24x36 inch poster titled,"Brokenness" that a co-worker is purchasing for her bedroom. Brokenness is a two part series consisting of about 8 photos all of which have broken glass.

One week later, I had not received my package yet and needed more prints, I figured since it was a poster, it takes awhile and put in another order of 10 prints ranging in size from 4x6 to 11x14. Wednesday March 11th, I decided I had waited long enough since I still had received nothing from Mpix and e-mailed their help. They said the status was "shipped" check with my post office because sometimes they hold packages. I called the post office and they did not have any packages for me. I then asked Mpix for a tracking number and looked at my order receipt. Upon review of my order receipt, I realized it was my error! I had typed the wrong address number. Mpix replied with the tracking numbers and the poster had been delievered to the incorrect house Feb 28th, and the multiple print package on March 4th. I would have had my prints for over as week already had I not been paitent and did some digging earlier! I called the post office back and they said they were not returned or it would say so on the tracking.

Now, I get to go knock on a persons door I do not know and HOPE they are truthful and return my packages. I stop by there on my way home at 9pm and no one was there so I left a note on the door. The next morning around 10am, I stopped by again and no one appeared to be there and my note was still there. Since it was daylight I could see through the non-curtained door window (though I felt a little stalkerish) and the packages had been set aside the door and appeared to be unopened. This was HUGE sigh of relief. Friday morning, they still did not look home. Mike is off on Fridays, and he sent me a message that evening saying a nice elderly man delieverd them to our door. Whew!!!!!!

Lessons learned: A-always TRIPLE check your addresses are correct.
B-Don't be too patient, investigate your packages!

On a side note. Mpix exceeded my expectations in printing quality. I LOVE my prints and have nothing bad to say about how the company handled everything! THANKS Mpix!


  1. Hi Meredith! Welcome to the blogging world. I use Mpix all the time and have never been disapppointed. That was so nice of that man to return your stuff :)

  2. Yes it was nice of him! He "technically" should have returned it to the post office, but then I may have never received it! Yikes, what a mess that would've been!