Monday, March 16, 2009

Not well adjusted

More than a week has passed and I can not seem to adjust to daylight savings time. Last night I was up til 1am and still not tired. I finally made myself lay down for bed and today I am quite sleepy. I should know better than to go to sleep late on a Sunday night! I have a slight cold and have been trying to figure out if perhaps feeling lathargic was not due to daylight savings but my body fighting off a cold was the culprit. Either way, it makes for a confused sleepy Meredith who would not flinch at the idea of completely doing away with the daylight savings time system. "Let's join Arizona", I say!

Anyone else feeling like it has been harder this year to adjust to the time change or am I alone in this?

Interesting Daylight Savings Info:

-There's a spike in heart attacks during the first week of daylight saving time, according to another study published last year.

-Studies have shown that auto accidents increase by 17% on the Monday immediately following daylight savings time.

- U.S. law signed by President George W. Bush in 2005 extended the length of daylight saving time by four weeks. It now begins at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March. It ends on the first Sunday in November.

-In March 2007, a Pennsylvania honor student was mistakenly accused of threatening his school with a bomb. He had actually called an automated line to get info about scheduled classes. Someone else made the bomb threat an hour later.

-Milking Cows have to be "weaned" 15 minutes at a time to the new schedule otherwise they will not produce as much milk since it is an hour before they are used to their current milking schedule.

Sources:U.S.News & world,, Co-worker.


  1. Some interesting facts! I like your sources, including "co-worker!" :-)

  2. I'd heard the one about cows... so weird but it makes sense! I feel bad for the farmers who have to get up even earlier for those weeks to wean them :(

    I thought that daylight savings time was extended just one year... thanks for the update! I was wondering about that a couple weeks ago, actually. And, I'm ALL FOR joining Arizona! One thing I don't miss about working overnights is trying to get people to understand that "yes, you will get paid for 8 hours!"

  3. ...and NO you won't get paid for 9 hours in the "fall back mode". ;)