Thursday, April 9, 2009

A special gift

I was racking my brain on what to get for Haylee for her 2nd birthday. I do not see her often since she lives in California, so I wanted it to be special. She would have enough toys, enough clothes, hmmm. An item she could learn from is always a plus. 

A co-worker of mine had brought in a photo book from her past trip and a light bulb went off in my head! I will make Haylee her very own personalized alphabet book! Two is a perfect age to start reconizing your alphabets. I had just created 26 graphics for alphabets and I just needed to come up with some fun sentences for her book.I had a lot of fun creating her book and she really liked it. Even the adults had fun reading it. lol!

Here are some of the sentences from the book:

O---Did you know octopus are not orange, do not eat oats, but can be a little obnoxious.

P--Haylee was pondering the plethora of plundering pirates at a costume party.

Q--The King quietly tucked Queen Haylee Ann in with a quilt before attending his quest for quiche.

T---When at camp Tumbleweed, Haylee sleeps in a tent protected from terrible weather and tarantulas.

X-Haylee was not listening to her Mom and tried to play the xylophone will standing on the chair. She fell and had to get an X-ray.

Y---The green yarn was yesterdays, today I'd like yellow. Yes, that's right, I yearn for yellowyarn.

Z---It's time to turn those zillion thoughts to zilch and close your eyes and catch some ZZZZZZ's. Good night, Haylee.

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