Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our 2009 Vacation

My Grandparents on my Dad (the first born son, who died in 1997 at age 37 from a heart aneurysm) side celebrated FIFTY years of marriage on Saturday March 21st. They actually renewed their vows with their own written vows it was very sweet. They had a few songs played and many told about how inspiring their love and faithfulness to each other and God is to all of us. Many laughs and tears were shared, it was a beautiful day and we are very thankful to have had the opportunity to share it with them the family.

We stayed at my aunt Meredith's place. {the only girl of six kids and which I was named after :) } Her, my uncle Ron and cousin by blood, niece by relationship; Haylee slept on a air mattress in the living room. They were very generous and let us and our mess stay in the back bedroom so we could sleep in when they had to get up for work. We quickly found out that an air mattress propped sideways is an amazing bouncy slide for the little ones! Who needs to rent $300 bouncy party entertainment when you have an air mattress at home!!! (No girls were hurt in the playing.)
On Sunday, Ron, Meredith, Haylee, Mike, Maya, and I went to California adventure. It is affiliated with Disneyland is basically across a walkway from it. I have no photos of this yet because they are on aunt Meredith's camera to be mailed to me soon.

Monday was BEACH DAY! It was a little cooler but I believe hit 70 degrees. We had to take three vehicles because of how many went. From front to back is Aunt meredith holding Haylee's hand who is not shown, uncle Stephen, aunt Danielle (in the pink), her daughter Sabrina (in the stripes), Stephen's girlfriend Elysia (arm with black sleeve), their friend Danny, Me (all the crazy hair) holding Maya's hand (in bright pink) and Mike is behind the camera.
We drove to Seal Beach and walked down the Pier, had lunch at Ruby's, walked back to the cars to get our swimming gear and then to the beach. The water was 57 degrees! Haylee lost her footing when the wave went back toward the ocean and fell face first, but did not cry. Maya was shivering but kept saying, "go back in the cold water." She is such a water baby! I was the only one who swam in it. I had to, it's not very often I get to have WAVES! It was another wonderful day!
Haylee (2) and Maya (2 1/2)

Uncle (more like a brother) Stephen, Me and Maya

Daddy and Maya Feet

Me having fun!

Tuesday was the day to visit my Mom's sister Debbie. She took Maya to Toys R Us to pick out a toy. After telling her "No honey, you can not have the $800 power jeep," she decided on a barn yard set. The box was large, but once you take the animals out the fit in a small bag for traveling, SCORE! Mike and I took Maya back to the place we were staying for her Great-Grandpa to watch her and we went to see 'Race to Witch Mountain.' Mom and Debbie remembered seeing 'Escape to Witch Mountain' as kids, perhaps their first big screen movie. After that we headed over to an old time favorite place of my Dad's called JB's and had a delicious pastrami sandwich.

Wednesday we visited Debbie in the morning, then Stephen in the afternoon (see post below) and then had dinner at my Grandparents. Maya got a high fever and threw up while were were there so that was no fun. We ended up bringing her to urgent care, but it turned out she only had a cold and her fever and lathargicness was gone the next day, an answer to prayer. :)

Thursday came before we knew it; Happy 2nd Birthday Haylee!!!! It was Disneyland Day!!! Ron had to work, so that was a bummer but Meredith, Haylee, Mike, Maya and I went and had a great time! They kids did wonderful (at both parks actually) waiting in 20-30 minute lines for the rides. We went on It's a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean. (yes the ride came BEFORE the movie!) and 6 or 7 kiddie rides. Maya went on her first roller coaster ride! Haylee was unable to go because she is not 36 inches tall. I was surprised Maya was since she is only 2 1/2. Fun times!!!

It was time to say good bye Friday morning and head up to Northern California into Wine country;Santa Rosa. On the way we saw the actual funeral procession of three of the four police officers shot and killed in Oakland from a traffic stop the week we were there. It was very sad, but amazing to see the hundreds of police officers on motorcycles following the hearses. They had closed down the south side of the freeway and we were traveling northbound. The flags were at halfmast, it was an honor to see it.

Santa Rosa is where my Mom's Brother Lenny, his wife Patty and their dog Kiki live. Uncle Len cooked some amazing steak, asparagus covered in delicious white sauce served with garlic bread and of course wine! Maya had to settle for whole Milk. He is such a wonderful cook! We spent the night visiting with them and then packed up the little red Toyota Prius one last time and drove straight home. We drove a total of 4600 miles in 10 days. We had good weather except high winds, our daughter was beyond amazing in the car, we visited those we love and all was well with life...
Uncle Lenny, Patty and Maya

The AMAZING PRIUS, we almost doubled the mileage on it.
It was VERY new when we rented it.

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