Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More like Toddlers

I've been away from writing for a little while since I was out of town visiting my longest (ha! that makes it sound like she is really tall but it means we've been friends since 1989) friend because her son turned THREE years old! We had a great time visiting with her, her husband and her son and 6 month old daughter. The second day we were there, my daughter and her son wanted to go out and play but the weather did not permit. Maya started crying and that fed him to cry and as the photo displays, we had two frustrated toddlers.

This photo really had me thinking if we were more like toddlers maybe we'd be happier. Not so much in the way of allowing others emotions to trigger our own; that we already share albeit not always a positive aspect of life. I'm referring to letting our emotions show instead of hiding, pushing it down, putting up walls, and so forth. Toddler tantrums, even through the obnoxiousness, they are short-lived and the toddler levels out and life is grand once again! I can picture it now, hmmm, no Etsy sales again today, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I believe if it was acceptable to throw a tantrum for frustrating things such as no sales, it would allow us to more quickly rebound into the inspiring, creative mode so many artists start losing without sales. I am guilty myself, I've had a hard time trying to dig up some inspiration. Maybe I'm just digging in the wrong spot, who knows.

Futhermore, toddlers do not care what others think of them nor stifle their creativeness.They do and say as they please. "What you see is what you get." Granted, that can involve some embarrasing moment as parents of said toddler such as: "mommy TOOTED, look at that FAT man, or I POOPED!;" however, they are so true to themselves. They are not "fake." A toddler is the life of a room, they are enjoyable to be around. In my opinion, we may have been the most creative when we were toddlers than we will ever be. I mean check out the boys pants, inside out and backwards and he is just proud that he thought to put warm pants on to go outside. No matter that he is half in pajamas, and half backwardly dressed!

The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe. " Lawrence Kutner"

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  1. But we can't be toddlers. We must act grown-up no matter what or people think we're being childish. It's not fair. Where is the happy medium, I ask?